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Stainless mount & hardware for R1150GS, R1200GS, or R1200 GS ADV.

Attaches under the beak and provides for multiple light mounting options.


Product Summary

· Mount designed using Stainless material for long term use & clean appearance

· Light bar attaches quickly to existing GS locations without drilling holes

· Provides ease of assembly to get you riding more quickly

· Designed for multiple light mounting options and positions

Designed & manufactured by a rider to easily install & position your lights for visibility.

This mounting kit is made from stainless steel  &  uses similar hardware.

Due to the attachment method, it will remain solid  during your travels and provide a firm mount  for your lighting (but -be reasonable on Kgs of lights).

Designed as a common bar: 1150 and all 1200 GS's with only a mounting hardware change

Light Mounting Bar - under the beak and holds optional lights. OK - this is way past overkill - Boeing is Jealous!

Another picture of the St. Louis GS…..

(These needed the bar stiffeners)

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Excel light bar kit - R1150GS

Price:  include instructions

R1150GS $110 + shipping

2005, '06,  '07 R1200GS $150 + shipping (Pictures + install help for this bar)

2008 GS through 2011 GS:

R1200GS $110 + shipping

2005-2012 R1200GSA $115 + shipping


OPTIONAL Light brackets: Extra per set

1.) $20: R1200 GS Aux light brackets

2.) $25: OEM Relocate brackets—moves Adventure lights to bottom of bar

3.) $20: Light Bar Stiffeners for extremely  heavy lights (St. Louis ???) - not shown.

Excel Light bar-GWAYExcel light bar kit - GSA Lights relocated


 New Style Excel Light bar - Bar is the same for all models - shown with hardware for 2005-'07 GS (other models will have similar but model specific h/w)

Excel light bar kit

Below:  # 2 Option - $25 Excel Light brackets for R1200GS Adventure with OEM lights move lights to lower position (lights not included)

Excel light bar kit - Optional GS light brackets

Below: #1 Option (below) 

R1200GS lights brackets  $20 ( Brackets + lower picture shows installed on bar)

Excel light bar kit - Optional GS light bracketsText Box: SOLD OUT, Sorry