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Toe Guards  for installation on the R1150GS and the R1200GS  with or without engine protection bars - shown is the Hepco-Becker version.

Toe guards with BMW bars or w/o bars are slightly different due to fitment.

Product Summary

· Protects the toes of your boots from water splashes and general rain riding

· Heavy Duty 5-ply reinforced neoprene rubber material for outdoor use

· Provides cold weather protection during winter riding

· Includes mounting plate, toe guard material, hardware, and instructions

Designed to mount on the intake side of the heads with supporting mounting bracket.

Toe guards were originally developed on the R1150GS and updated for the R1200GS—many miles of testing have proven this design and the materials used.

This Kit  is now again available for the 1150GS as well as  the R1200GS.  For the R1200GS,   mounting is as noted —please specify your application.

Excel toe guards kit

R1200GS Mounting is setup for Hepco Becker bars, BMW bars, or without any bars. Now also available for the "Cylinder Head only" mounted protection bars. I run these on my bike year-round.

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Excel Toe Guards-inst


R1200GS 2005-2007 Stock - (7) in stock: $105

R1200GS  2005-2007  w/Hepco Becker bars - (5) in stock:  $105

R1200GS 2010 w/Hepco Becker bars - (6) in stock: $105


shipping not included