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O-Ring Kit for both hand grips.

Product Summary

· Helps relieve hand stress issues due to  smaller diameter grips

· Special UV resistant O-rings are used - rated for outdoor use

· Allows heated grips to transmit warmth to cold hands during cold weather riding

Designed to adapt the smaller diameter grip size to a larger diameter similar to early R1150 grips.

Kit was designed for the R1200GS; however, will work on other BMWs using the new style   reduced diameter grip.

Kit will do both grips and withstand UV plus the elevated temperatures created by  heated grip usage.

NOTE: these are not the normal O-rings you would find at your local hardware store.

Excel O-ring grip kit installed on R1200GS

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Price: Special pricing - $20 + shipping

(Sorry - due to current oil issues, the manufacturer's price has increased)

Excel o-ring grip KitExcel o-ring grip Kit-rtExcel o-ring grip Kit-bag

Above right: Excel O-ring grip kit installed on an R1200ST (same grips as GS, RT, etc.)

What’s in the kit?  See below right … >>>