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Emergency Services LED light for Tail & Brake Light. Complete with mount, connections, and instructions

Product Summary

· Easily installs in existing license plate mount location

· Powder coated mounting plate

· Easy two wire connection and terminals

· Black ABS plastic & aluminum housing.

· Clear lens cover protects LEDs from dust and debris.

Designed to bolt on with the license plate bolts and accept  the license plate on top of it.

This light is BRIGHT and is currently used as a Emergency Services light (you may have seen this “energized light” approaching you quickly from the rear…). Specs are: 40 LED SAE J595 Class 1 certified light and made in the USA!

Excel Rear Auxiliary tail & brake light.


New BMW’s with LED tail light have only (2) wires and use a principle called Pulse Width Modulation of the tail light voltage (12 volts going through a “peak and valley” like a headlight modulator).

Because of it, BMW uses only two wires out to the LED tail light —the running light for the “PWM” voltage and goes “full” 12 volts for the brake light.


This aux light does not oscillate or flash.



NOTE: for conventional bike wiring (one hot brake wire & one hot running light wire + ground wire), this can be used for dedicated brake light or tail light only, but not both.

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Price: $98 + shipping

Kit for 2010-2013 BMW’s with LED tail light.


Due to BMW electrical design limits, will not work with new “water boxers” (‘13 GS or new ‘14RT)

Excel LED Light kitExcel light kit - pic3Excel light kit - pic4Excel light kit - pic1Excel light kit - pic2

Above:  Left is OEM tail light,                Right is Brake light

Below:  Left is OEM + Excel LED tail light,                     Right is OEM + Excel LED Brake light

Below (4) pictures are at approx 50 feet and only light is from tail and brake lights