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Three Simple stainless brackets:

One for positive lead & one for the negative lead.

One for a new hold down bracket for R1200GS.

Brackets have a bolt or attachment for the main positive and negative cables (note: no cables are included).

Product Summary

Sometimes dealing with a failing battery and the installation of a new one is a challenge - but after being frustrated by your existing batteries' service life - it's time to move on!

These cable attachment brackets were designed after installation of a new battery in an R1200GS - the two new mounting plates for the positive and negative leads & the stainless hold down bracket.

For other replacements, just use the two cable brackets - get  this kit, install your new battery, attach your cables & devices, and get back to riding!

Odyssey has a direct replacement for the R1150GS, R1200RT & K1200 LT = PC680. The two attachment brackets provide extra post length.

Just a word on the battery -  Odyssey does not have a direct replacement for an R1200GS or GSA, so some  "adjustment"  is required during the installation. See  write-ups on  the ADVrider site for further details.

Do a web search for further data.

Brackets mounted on an Odyssey in an R1200GS - brackets worked, battery a tight fit, but “cleanly shaven” & possible

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Excel battery brackets - pdfExcel battery brackets-installedBattery hold down bracket kit

What you get - see pictures above & below and this pdf file.

Below are all three brackets - left and right with cable attachment bolts and center is the battery hold down bracket.