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Composite bumper, Stainless hardware, and installation instructions

Product Summary

· Gets rid of the “clang” when the side stand is retracted

· Allows for stealth departure at 5 am

· Treats sleeping campers to three more minutes of shut eye

· Annoys the riders without the bumper installed ...…  (really !..)

· What should have been added to a GS to start with—this fixes the issue.

This is a slick little device to eliminate the noise when the side stand is retracted.

It always bothered me to start the bike, do the preflight check after starting, listen to the sweet music, and then hear the CLANG when the side stand came up.

Pictures below with bumper installed - see the below comment for application

Machined insert with composite bumper

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Price: Special pricing - $22 + shipping


Note: fits 2007- 2012 R1200GS & GSA (see the notes below left)

Excel bumper-endExcel bumper sideExcel Bumper kitExcel bumper topExcel bumper side

If your side frame looks like these --->>>>>>


The bumper will fit 2007-’12 GS & GSA’s (BMW changed the frame design at a point other than at the model year change (will fit SOME 2006 models—see the pics —>> )