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Stainless GPS mount and hardware

Product Summary

· Provides for a direct attachment to a 1/2” diameter bar or crossbar

· Mount is fully articulated allowing radial movement, as well as rotating up and down movement (on the fly without tools).

· Includes standard flat mount plate predrilled to accept Garmin 26xx/27xx, Zumo 550 or 6xx GPS—please specify which GPS (new “locking” Zumo mount is EXTRA –see this link)

· Non-swivel design is available for the K1200LT (see pictures above and below)

· Mounting plates for other GPS Series are available—contact me.

I looked and tried various other mounts.  After a while, I came up a prototype and then kept developing it into what you see here.

GPS mount is made from stainless steel designed to adapt to a 1/2” round shaft — such as the Excel Crossbar Kit — (similar to the handlebar cross bar on R1150GS) but adaptable for other attachment methods.

Garmin M/C kit or other GPS materials not included.

Excel GPS Swivel Mount shown with Excel locking mount and Garmin Zumo GPS (GPS, RT Crossbar,  or Garmin locking mount not included in mount kit). Kit is as shown in middle right picture.

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Business Hours: 8 am-5 pm CST USA

E-mail: orders@excelcyclewerkes.com

Swivel mount (below) : $115 + Shipping


K1200LT non-swivel mount (right) $80


Specify your GPS model

Below is the mount  installed on R1200RT  cross bar kit. Right: the parts in the kit.

Excel GPS Mount - Riders viewExcel GPS Swivel MountExcel GPS Mount-op seat LTExcel GPS Mount-kitExcel LT GPS Mount on LT

Right:  the K1200LT Excel GPS mount - same mount type with unique base plate - this stays secure (I have thousands of miles with this setup on my LT - I know it works!)

Excel LT GPS Mount

K1200LT non-swivel mount

Excel GPS Swivel Mount - back side