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Shipping Costs

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Here’s the deal:

   I use US Postal Service for shipping and packaging materials—the cost is what I pay to USPS, so there are no large hidden fees.

For a general estimate, use this link to get to the USPS calculator for an estimate — for a “from” zip code use 61650 as a reference (it’s the large city near me). My goal is to keep your shipping cost as low as possible, yet deliver as quickly as possible.

If you need special delivery: Priority, Express, unique location, or overnight– I can arrange that; of course, the cost will increase (see the USPS site to figure that also).

Weights will be low due to materials — most items will be less than (5) pounds — based on what and how many items, of course.

When you place your order, I’ll tell you what the actual will be based on your location and delivery needs (the amount my local USPS charges me), but it probably wouldn't be much different than your estimate.

Thanks, & Ride Safely.


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