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Stainless plates and solid round for oil cooled R1200GS, R1200RT, and now the new K1600GLT & Water cooled RT( as pictured below)


· Provides an alternate mounting surface for GPS, Satellite radio, etc.

· Universal 1/2” Aluminum bar, stainless brackets, and required hardware.

· Allows almost full visibility of instruments when seated on your bike (dependant on your accessories).

· Shown are possible installations with  the Excel kit—items mounted on the bar are not included in the kit.

· The R1200RT kit is the same concept, however, the end mounts are different.

· Accepts standard Excel mounts

After having a cross bar on the 1150GS, and then moving to the 1200 without one, I made up a kit.  It’s stainless steel & aluminum and holds the same items - actually, I think it made the bars more rigid.

Designed to provide a mounting location for your GPS or other electronic devices and includes necessary hardware for mounting to the existing bars

Kit was designed for the R1200GS Kit & will accept the Excel GPS mount or other items suited for a 1/2” bar. As normal, when one of the local riders bought an RT, well… a new kit was born.

NOTE: the 2008GS’s bars have a greater width  at the mirror mounts — specify which year you are buying for! Groupings are: ‘05-’07 GS, ‘08-’12 GS, ’05-’09 RT, ’10-’12 RT, Water Cooled  1200 RT’s, and the K1600GLT.

Crossbar kit shown on R1200GS (radar detector, voltage monitor, “Smartire”, etc, not included).

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SPECIFY YOUR YEAR—all plus shipping:

‘05-’07 R1200GS & GSA $100

08-’12 R1200GS & GSA $100

Water Cooled R1200RT $100


Oil Cooled R1200RT $95

K1600GTL $95


Excel GS X-bar kit-instExcel Parts X-bar kit-pkgExcel X-bar kit-parts-rt

Pictured left and below is the kit for the R1200RT - the design created after a local rider bought a new RT!

Bottom Left: R1200RT Crossbar kit installed  (standing at bike front looking rearward)


R1200RT Crossbar Kit & instructions

Below: R1200GS Crossbar Kit with instructions

Excel X-bar kit-rtbareExcel x-bar-rt instwgear