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The “extension” mounts to the existing muffler to move trapped exhaust and heat away from the side bag and out the back of the bike (shown without the bag).

· Stainless Steel Tubing, springs, and hardware

· Stainless retaining plate on 1150 & 1200 OC

· Special Aluminum mount for R1150GS

· Detailed instructions

R1150GS Price: $100 (+ shipping)

Designed by a rider and manufactured from stainless steel tubing, with stainless mounting hardware as shown. 

These tubes are designed to move trapped heat out to the back of the bike — and comes complete with the necessary mounting hardware.  Using this spring mounting method, it will remain solidly mounted, yet react to conditions that may cause system flex.

The R1150GS uses a special machined mounting adapter and is secured with a double spring set. The 1200 GS twin tubes fit naturally into the muffler, and both tubes spring mounted as shown. All kits come with detailed instructions.

Specify your year!  The 2010+ 'GS/GSA muffler is different than the '05's to 2009.

If you think you don’t need one of these, check the contents of the “muffler side” bag after a couple of road hours - are the contents as cool as you think they should be?  Is your bag liner (or anything else) melted and stuck to the inside of the case? Did your turn signal melt?

Do you have OEM ABS/plastic bags.  Look at the left bag rear seam between the inner and outer bag - are they flush? Now  - look at the right bag. Chances are …”Not”.  The bags have warped.  If your bags have a heat shield, it's not working. OH — No heat shield? You need this extension to get the heat away from your bags.  Don't cook your stuff!

Above description is for Oil Cooled boxers, but same issue applies to the GSW.

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Excel Exhaust extension-1150instExcel Exhaust extension12-inst

‘05 - ’09 Price: $120 (+ shipping)

‘10 - ’13  Price: $120 (+ shipping)

Specify which year!

R12 Exhaust Extension kitExcel Exh 1150-6sp kit

Double Tube on R1200/GSA

Single Tube on R1150GS



the GSW Exhaust Extension. 

Price: $120 (+shipping) —>

For 2016 — my riding network heard me say I wasn’t going to build the GSW exhaust extensions due to the new exhaust port shape. After multiple requests  - the challenge was made. Production is complete and available. This production run is not huge, if you are interested, don’t wait too long...

Excel Exhaust extension12-inst