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Excel - Centech Wiring Kits

Use this simple device to power  your electrical devices and isolate  them from your bike's electrical system.

What's in THE EXCEL KIT:

1.) the Centech model AP2,

2.) a model specific mount (stainless brkt, 3M dual lock, etc.),

3.) application specific wiring harness (“plug & play”), per OEM Layout

4.)  Sealed 60 amp relay,

5.) main fuse holder & fuse,

6.) fuses for the Centech to get you started,

7.) a small tube of silicone grease for connection protection,

8.) AND - Instructions and phone support.

9.) kits shipping with a diode ("back feed" preventer) added to the "trigger wire" circuit that connects Centech to the OEM bike wiring



(shipping extra)


AP2 Kit for:


 R1150GS $114

 05-07 R1200GS $110 

 08 + R1200GS  $110

 08 + R1200GSA $110

 Oil C R1200R $110

 Oil C ‘05-’12 R1200RT $105

Water Cooled R1200RT $110

Water cooled R1200GS $110

 08 + K1200GT $110

 K1200S $110

 K1200LT $98

 F800GS $110

 F800ST $105

After installing several of these on my bikes and customer’s bikes, I worked up “a Kit”. And, since refinement is the practice at Excel - redesigned it to be "portable" as you move from an 1150 to the 1200. Now, it's only a mount & wiring change between the bikes.

Kits available are as listed to the right. For the R1200RT: Please SPECIFY if you want the  Oil Cooled or Water Cooled version—same hardware, but the wiring setup is different.

Also, I have standardized on the Centech AP-2 unit with  four switched circuits and two hot all the time. There is a jumper included to make it like an AP1 with all circuits switched - your choice to use the jumper or not.

You get the AP2,  a custom wiring harness, a 60 amp Sealed relay, fuse holder (and fuses!), a  model specific mount and complete instructions.

This is a great kit to use a proven device to  control your installed accessories. Again, it will work on a variety of BMWs. This kit isolates your extra powered items from the CANBUS system.

NOTE — NO other electrical accessories or components are included with this kit. Pictures are shown with other items for application use. This kit is as stated only and assumes standard battery post position layout.


Excel Centech Kit Display

Above: R1200GS Excel kit with the Centech AP2, mounting bracket,  and the Excel wiring kit .

Phone: 309-244-7405

Business Hours: 8 am-5 pm CST USA

E-mail: orders@excelcyclewerkes.com

Excel Centech wiring kit inst-RT

Above: Excel Centech kit installed on F800GS. Typical installation - see application pdf files below.

Individual Components:

80 Amp Sealed Relay — $6

40 Amp Sealed Relay — $5

Price does not include shipping


R1200 GS OC  installation pictures  detail here.

R1200 GS WC  installation pictures  detail here.

R11500 GS installation pictures  detail here.

F800 GS installation pictures  detail here.

F800 ST & S  installation pictures  detail here.

R1200RT OC Installation pictures  detail here.

R1200RT WC Installation pictures  detail here.

K1200GT  installation pictures detail here

K1200LT installation pictures detail here

R1200R installation pictures detail here

Other kits have been developed—more pictures soon. 

Centech Panel AP-2:

Design circuitry :

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