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R1200RT & K1600GT & GTL Luggage Mount Posts

Left is what is supplied — (2) mount posts with hardware. Can be attached in forward or rear location.

Below pictures show posts in both RT locations (two kits would be required). Tail bag, straps, or other equipment shown not included.

Product Summary

Above is the tail bag strap attached to the REAR mount point and an extra post shown in the front location for clarity.

Above & below show TWO extra installed mounts. Two packages would be ordered for this

Riding with luggage can be frustrating. The RTs have a couple spots to attach or tie off items, but not well — the straps slide and so does the luggage.

This design was developed after buying a new tail bag for my ‘RT and not finding a good way to secure it.

Install (1) on each side in the “forward” or “rear” location to suit your needs. These mounting posts provide a secure mounting location and set up a proper angle for strap attachment. 

Installing TWO on each side allows for an extra dry bag or camping gear. Order two kits for this.

Excel Luggage mounts for R1200RT’s  (Oil & Water) & K1600GT

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Price: $40 price for (2) posts

Excel R1200RT Luggage mounts - detailExcel R1200RT Luggage mounts - sideExcel R1200RT Luggage mounts - kit