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Excel - Stebel Horn Kit

R1100S, R1150GS:   $65
Oil Cooled ‘05-’12 R1200RT:   $65
Water Boxer R1200RT:  $75
F800ST:  $65
05-07 R1200GS & GSA:  $70
2008 + GS OC & ADV Kit w/o ESA: $65
All: plus shipping

 The Complete Excel Horn kit contains:

1.) The Famous Stebel Compact Horn

2.) color coded power and ground wires

3.) a “trigger” wire to "turn on" the relay from the existing horn circuit. Now shipping with a diode added to the wire to prevent POTENTIAL back feed issues. Note: Testing has not had ANY issues, but with the CANBUS - well, Excel goes that extra mile.

4.) a fuse holder AND a 20 amp fuse

5.) model specific mounting bracket & hardware

6.) connectors, shrink wrap, & a tube of silicone grease for connection protection

7.) a SEALED relay rated for 40 amps

AND #8) instructions & install PDF’s! 

Excel TESTS all the compressors & horns prior to shipment - if they don't work (VERY, VERY small percentage) they don't ship!

The Stebel Compact Horn

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Stebel HornExcel Stebel Wiring kit

<<—-   Excel  wiring kit only  - you get connectors installed on the wire, connectors for the relay, fuse holder & fuse, shrink wrap, & a tube of silicone grease for connection protection.

 (Horn, mounting bracket, relay, or hardware are NOT included in the wiring kit only)

Text Box: INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ONLY (plus shipping):
(as pictured top only)
Horn Wiring kit only (see picture left): $20
R1150GS Horn Bracket kit: $13.00
R1100S Horn Bracket Kit $14.50
R1200RT Horn Bracket Kit $13.00
05-07 R1200GS Horn Bracket Kit $20.00
2008 -’12 GS & ADV Bracket Kit w/o ESA: $13.00  
F800ST Horn Bracket kit: $13.00

The Excel Horn kit works without removing emission or other non-horn items.


2005—‘07 GS OC (Std & ADV):

Mounts in the standard horn location with a new bracket.  See this PICTURE file for details.

2008 GS OC & up (Std & ADV) w/o ESA:

Mounts in the standard horn location with a new bracket. See this PICTURE file for details.



Space is limited - see this PICTURE file for "S" install data.

R1150 GS:

See this PICTURE file for the install data.

 Application PDF's:


This is a great horn that will “communicate” with the surrounding traffic. It will work on a variety of BMWs or the horn alone on other bikes or vehicles.  The horn is the well tested Stebel Compact horn and includes a relay. In my kit, I replace the relay with a sealed 40 amp version.

The horn needs power from the battery through the relay, rather than the normal bike wiring - Powering the horn on the standard bike wiring will blow fuses and the horn will fail. Follow the instructions!

The official site for Stebel Horns —  a good read for a great horn.

Kits are no longer available for ESA versions of the “OC” GS & GSA