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Stainless & aluminum supports with mounting hardware - screen attachment is non-marring.

Product Summary

· Stabilizes your screen for better wind management

· Hand Adjustable for screen angle - see picture above and below

· Reduces annoying windscreen flex and harmonics during riding

· Allows you to concentrate and enjoy the ride!

These slick little items were originally developed  for my CeeBailey GS windscreen. With the latest  update, screen angle adjustments can be made by hand (see the picture to the right).

ZTechnik has the new VStream similar to the new GSA screen. To use it on your GS you need the GSA upper mount  & hardware from your BMW dealer (think lots of $$ here), or by using these supports (a lot less than above), you can use the new ZTechnik GSA windscreen ( ZTechnik GS windscreens) and use the savings for other items.  

Windscreen attachment is non-marring and adjustable for your windscreen angle preference.

Includes mounting hardware for both the screen and lower attachment points.

This updated kit will still work with other screens; however, not the design of  the Aeroflow screen.

NOTE: The supports require that you pre-drill your screen before assembly (not included in price).

Excel windscreen supports-inst

This the Excel GS windscreen support kit. You get the new style adjustable support rods, hardware, and instructions.

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Excel Screen Support - detail

Price: $115 + Shipping

Excel Screen Stabilizer Kit - front view

Top picture shows close up of installed support and adjustable knob.

Below left is view from the saddle (old version)      below right is front view (new style supports)

Excel Screen Stabilizer Kit - front view

Note: if you have the new BMW tall console upper brace — I have aux. brackets for mounting the supports (picture not shown) - price: $20