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Front shelf brackets - there are several variations available - see the pictures.

These are Year specific for the GS due to BMW  design changes: 2005-2007 and 2008 & up. SPECIFY YOUR YEAR


· Stainless steel for longevity and appearance

· Designed to fit YOUR bike

· Time tested with coast-to-coast rides on multiple bikes (including mine)

· Provides mounting locations for gear you need to ride with

I was looking for another way to hold or attach the extras and be easily reachable & viewable  - this front shelf solves the problem.

There are a couple of variations - stepped, stepped with pre-drilled holes for switches, or a new one that is just a single level platform.

When BMW changed the front nose of the windscreen support, the bracket had to change - so you see the difference.

Please specify your bike model and year when you place an order.

Above is the rally shelf on a 2005 R1200 GS (switches, tire monitor, or other devices not included)

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Excel rally Bracket with gearExcel Accessory Shelf-kitExcel rally Bracket-kit

Prices: (shipping extra)

  Rally Shelf  (stepped w/ holes) Accessory shelf   (Stepped Less holes)

Platform shelf  (no holes, all one level)

2005-2007: $75

 2008 & Up:$75

Below:  Accessory shelf for 05-07 GS

Below: Rally shelf for 08 & Up GS

Below: "Platform" shelf for 08 + GS

Excel platform-08+-kit

Does not fit on GSW, sorry