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Stainless mount and hardware

Product Summary

· All Stainless Steel construction

· Provides a simple method to mount lights on Protection bars

· The kit is secured to the bars by removable fasteners

· The Excel mounts are sturdy to handle a variety of lights

· Easily removable and reinstalled based on multiple situations

· Made in the USA!

Riding  without auxiliary lights can sometimes be a bad experience.

These nifty brackets can easily provide a quick mounting method for a variety of lights.

Order this Excel Kit, bolt on your HIDs,  and move into the darkness with more confidence.

The kit is easily adjustable as you upgrade to your new HID or LED lights .

These mounts have been copied, but , some of the best choose these because they last.

Excel Light Mounts installed on R1200GS protection bars—will mount to any 1” or 25mm bar. Kit has Two mounts (for LH & RH).

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Business Hours: 8 am-5 pm CST USA

E-mail: orders@excelcyclewerkes.com


Price: $80 + Shipping

Excel Light bar mount viewExcel Bar Mount Lights Side view

Excel bar mounts installed on R1200GS ADV   - side view  of mounted lights  - - >

Excel Front-Bar Mount GS lightsExcel Side view-bar mount GS lightsExcel light mount