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Two versions - for the 1150GS Jesse mounts or the R1200GS Jesse mounts

Bag support & hardware.  Attaches to the existing Jesse bag mount.

Specify which bike you are buying for—there are differences.

Product Summary

· Helps support and maintain bag position  when bags are installed

· Stabilizes bags when heavily loaded or on rough terrain

· Provides for constant clearance between the bag and the exhaust system

After many miles on my 1150GS with Jesse bags, there seemed to be something missing  - just not the firm attachment  like the rest of the bag mounts

So, I designed this little extra item to stabilize & provide extra support for the left bag. This works on the R1150GS & now modified for my R1200 GS with Jesse Odyssey Bags — mounts to the bag mounting frame, has mounting hardware included, and of course, instructions are provided (although, it's pretty straight forward).

Excel Jesse bag sup-1150

Shown is support installed on R1200GS (R1150 will appear as same)

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Business Hours: 8 am-5 pm CST USA

E-mail: orders@excelcyclewerkes.com

Bag support-side view

Price: R1200GS $32.00 + shipping


R1150GS $28.00 + shipping


Excel bag support - full view



Excel Jesse bag sup-12