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Caleb making parts in the younger years

Caleb on the Bridgeport

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Here is my background —

   After many years working for Caterpillar in Illinois as a general machinist, Tool & Die machinist, Tool Room & Manufacturing Management, a private Machine Shop owner, and in other manufacturing positions, I retired.

My machine shop still produces prototype & “small run quantity” products. I also find time to build items for motorcycles and personally test the designs for functionality.  Attention to detail and high quality materials (stainless steel and others) are required for the final result. 

When it is service time, my shop is also used for cycle maintenance; and, as design requirements evolve, useful accessories emerge.

Excel Cycle & Machine Werkes is busy with the design and production of new and innovative items to take riding from “just stock” to that next level and beyond.  While my goal is to FINALLY retire, new items still emerge for test and review — stay tuned for new items - designed, built, and tested by riders.

Motorcycle Consumer News (RIP) & past issues of  the BMW MOA magazine had Excel’s items evaluated. Or, you may have seen articles in MCN by Bill Shaw …  Or, past Christmas wish list items in the MOA magazine, or on the bikes of other Iron Butt riders.

OK — so, what’s with the pictures of the kids? Family. Grandsons that wanted to learn and you know schools rarely teach vocational education anymore. So, while they have since outgrown the pictures (several years back), it was hands on at Excel Cycle Werkes for some "working life skills", and having fun.  As with other things, they too have moved on in life (Dillion USN, Caleb a machinist).

Ride safely.


Dillon & Caleb: - It takes Teamwork  to make it happen!


(Both have moved on with life - grandsons grow up quickly)

It takes teamwork-09 TN

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