gallery/Excel GS Front Shelf Brkt installed
gallery/Excel GS front shelf brkt wo holes
gallery/Excel GS front shelf brkt w holes

Excel Front Shelf Bracket
Fits R1200GS Oil Head Years 2005 – 2013
(design is year specific – two versions shown)
$75 USD

gallery/Excel Luggage Posts Installed
gallery/Excel Luggage Posts - closeup
gallery/RT Luggage posts

Excel Luggage Mounts Fits R1200RT (Oil & Water) and  K1600GT
$40 USD for (2) posts

Prices shown are PLUS shipping - see the home page for pricing policy
gallery/Excel R1200GS Exhaust Ext
gallery/Excel R1200GS-W Exhaust Ext

Above: Excel Exhaust Extensions installed

 Above left to right: R1150GS $100 USD;

R1200GS/GSA (Oil head) $120;

R1200GS/GSA & R1250GS/GSA (H2O) $120.

Specify your year - these are model dependant.

Pictures from left are R1150GS & R1200GS.

gallery/Excel R1200GS Exh Ext
gallery/Excel R1150GS Exh Ext

You ask: Why do I need this. Good question - the answer is pretty simple. After riding for more than half an hour (pick a time here...) and with the engine off, carefully, place your ungloved hand between the muffer and the side bag and feel the temperature of the bag (careful!). Abnormally hot, right? Now, look in the bag - anything melted? How about the same side turn signal or reflectors - they ok? That's why.

Add a pair or more of these luggage mounts  - simple install, just replace the existing hardware with these mounts. OH - I suggest replacing one at a time to hold rack alignment.

Add a shelf to hold those "extra parts" needed to get on down the road - as stated, these are model year specific and are available with or without shown equipment holes.

gallery/Excel-Zumo  Mount and Swivel kit
gallery/Excel-Zumo Locking Brkt
gallery/Excel Swivel Mount
gallery/Excel Zumo Locking Mount

This is the Excel Swivel Mount - it mounts on a GS crossbar. Included is a standard mounting plate & hardware. Other mounting options are available for RT's and other motorcycles.  $115 USD

Above is the Excel Locking Zumo Mount - this attaches to the Excel Swivel as shown in the pictures with the Garmin. Hardware and Torx security wrench are included. $52 USD

Above pics show the Swivel and Locking plate together with a  Garmin 665 & mount. Pic on right is showing the locking design feature (with Torx security screw).  The mount swivels left and right as well as tilts back and forth for viewing improvements.

gallery/Excel O-Ring Grip Kit -installed
gallery/Excel O-Ring Grip Kit

Excel O-Ring Grip Kit. These are UV Stable and work well with Heated grips - these are not the same O-rings found at your local hardware store. Used to overlay worn grip rubbers (also, various mfg's reduced the grip diameter - riders say the slight grip size change is easier on the palm and wrist). It may look like .... really?, but, they work.  $20 USD for both L & R grips

gallery/Excel GS-GSA Side Stand Bumper - installed
gallery/Excel GS Sidestand bumper

Excel R1200GS/GSA Sidestand bumper.

This is a rare item - inserts into the lower frame to change the sound of putting the sidestand up (CLANG!) to a reasonable 5am departure sound of "thump". This is model year specific and installs with "lightly inserting" the bumper in the frame and securing with the lock screw. $22 USD