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Below Left to right (all plus shipping - see note below):

Exhaust extensions for R1200GS Water cooled and oil cooled (each $120)


Excel Zumo locking mounting bracket ($52) and Excel Swivel mount ($115).

COmpany information


My machine shop still produces prototype & “small run quantity” products. I also find time to build items for motorcycles and personally test the designs for functionality. Attention to detail and high quality materials (stainless steel and others) are required for the final result.

The products you see here are tested thoroughly (by myself and demo riders) before releasing them to the riding community. In other words, I back up what I sell.


Shipping Costs:

 I use US Postal Service for shipping and packaging materials—the cost is what I pay to USPS, so there are no hidden fees.When you place your order, I’ll tell you what the actual will be based on your location and delivery needs (the amount my local USPS charges me), but it probably wouldn't be much different than your estimate. All item costs are LESS shipping.

Weights will be low due to materials—less than (5) pounds will probably do most orders—based on what and how many items, of course. Use the zip of 61650 as “ship from” (large city near me) for your estimate.

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